Sunday, 8 April 2012


Yesterday we ran another successful workshop. It was a great bunch of people with a lot of energy and enthusiasm which always makes my job so much easier. We started the day chatting about awareness and victim selections. Easy methods to stay safe and make yourself a hard target.

We then started to develop strikes on the pads. We looked at a mixture of palm heel strikes, hammer strikes and some close quarter combatives. We worked them as single strikes initially on a pad and then worked them as combinations. Everything we trained that day would be used.

From there we looked at scenarios that are likely to happen women. I gave them an easy matrix of ideas to deal with a variety of grabs and holds. I told them to take this away and teach it to their children. I teach this way as if you simply teach a bunch of techniques then how much of that information will you retain the next day, the next week the next year. If you were simply at the course for an experience then fair enough learn lots of techniques however, I want to improve participants chances of staying safe so I teach them tool and target development.

From here we looked at a couple of specific scenarios. Namely a choke against a wall and choke with momentum.

We then looked at further striking options on the pads and a little multiple attack theory. The girls really liked to motor on the pads. We built in offense, defence, clinch, control and take downs.

If was a joy to teach and everyone really seemed to enjoy the training and take something away.

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