Saturday, 7 April 2012

What Krav Maga Training Can I Do Today

It's Saturday and there are no classes running - panic over! Get the other half to hold a sheet of a4 sized paper up at head height or maybe an envelope. We are going to work on our speed and our finger spear, eye jab - call it what you want. Either way the hand is keep loose and you are striking with the tips of your fingers. I've heard lots of people talk about the positioning of the hand in order to keep your fingers safe. At the end of the day the target is the eyes or the throat. Neither require a hard strike, it's all about speed.

The worst thing that can happened is you stave your finger like your playing basketball. If you thought that is bad then maybe don't use your shin to block a round kick!

So partner holds up the paper for you and try and mark on it an area where you wish to strike. Practice from a passive guard hands up trying to de-escalate and then with your hands down at your sides. Think about how fast you can move to the target and have your partner feed back telling you if you are telegraphing. Think about how you can use this strike, is it pre-emptive, is it get a reaction to draw the hands up so you can attack low. Is it to set up a right cross or are you intercepting forward pressure from an attacker. It's a great tool and there is not a person alive who won't react to being struck in the vision area or throat.

It's easy fun training and can be a good vehicle to maybe involving the other half in your training. Or train it with the kids, turn it into a game. You don't need to tell them what it's for, tell them to see how fast they can do it. It's like the wax on, wax off from the Karate Kid. Have fun.

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