Friday, 6 April 2012


If you want to get good at something how do you do that? Does David Beckham have better attributes than other footballers or was Mike Tyson just gifted. I think it all comes down to hard work, practice, commitment and sacrifice.

You have come down to train and learn. You made a commitment to yourself and a financial one. No doubt you told other people you were training. It's easier to find an excuse not to train than it is to train sometimes. I know that everyone leads busy lives and we all have so much on the go. However, to make one training session a week is really an easy thing to do for anyone if they want to. There are multiple classes running every evening so you don't have an excuse to come down to one. If you normally train in NSI or KM and can't make that slot then jump into the TE or kickboxing class. Hitting is hitting after all and everything is transferable. If you have stuff to do that evening then get up earlier and do it. I'm going back a few years here but when my son was born my I had little time to train in the gym so what did I do. I got up and trained at 5am then back for him getting up and getting stuff ready for the day and going off to work. Nowadays I could think of nothing worse than getting up to train at that time but needs must and you do what is right for you at the time. Now I am teaching full time and sometimes you have to think about planning classes, where you want the business to go, accounts, cleaning the gym, admin, and personal training during the day. Plus, I have to train myself and eat and rest. It's hard work but you always manage to do it. I know it's my job so I have to but you want to be good at this or you wouldn't have joined. I never wanted to be mediocre at anything Ive done so I always throw myself into things.

So we have explained that you can attend an alternate class to keep up with your training. You could also organise a private or semi private training session if you think you are falling behind. You can also train at home. You just need to think about the material we cover in class and go over it mentally. Visualise yourself training it and then do the physical movements. This sort of training is what seperates the people who will excel and those who will only just get it at best. I always use the analogy of learning to drive. People who got two lessons a week dn had their parents take them out always seemed more confident and better than those getting one lesson a week. So train more at the gym, train more at home and see yourself getting better and gain a deeper understanding of the material. I want everyone who comes and trains at the gym to be great. To see them learn new skills and gain confidence in every area of their lives. The only thing stopping this progress is you. Don't procrastinate any longer just get along to training and have fun. If you have any questions then let me know.


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