Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Great first night back after my holidays. Kickboxing was an intense class with rounds of shadow boxing and explosive exercises coupled with thai pad drills.

Next up was Krav Maga training outside concentrating on developing close range combative tools. We focussed on elbows and how we could also use them to cover up while working at close range. We looked at defending a hooking punch being close to the attacker with no footwork and and then when we were further away with the attacker stepping in, so we would burst forward. If they were any further away then we should be using our stomp kids to keep them at bay. I stressed the need for attachment and perimeter control. To bring everyone back down and to give us some balance we looked at some of the various releases from grabs.

The final class was Tactical Edge where we worked our draw point system. We trained the drills and then looked at the combative applications. We played with edged weapon vs empty hand, edged weapon vs small impact weapon and empty hand vs impact weapon. Then we mixed them all up for sake of completeness. We looked at how we could use controls in order to make for a safer exit of a situation.

Great effort


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