Tuesday, 10 April 2012


In a real fight when you hit someone they react, generally moving the way of the incoming blow. Don't concern yourself with the way boxers and cage fighters move as that is something entirely differently. They are top level athletes paid to take punishment to rarely give ground. We are talking regular guy stuff here. So if your plan is stun and run then happy days. However, you cannot always run away. Consider your environment, injuries, you are with your grandmother for example.

Therefore, you need to bring the altercation to a close as quickly as possible. Verbal de-escalation has failed and the only way out is a physical response. So if we look at it from defending a circular punch then when we block and simultaneously counter we want to gain attachment, grab a limb or clothing so they don't stumble back to kickboxing range. We keep a hold of them and operate at close range until we feel the threat has diminished. So think about your clinch work, just grabbing clothing or in the higher end when defending against a knife attack you make attachment to the arm. In reality you should think about this all the time as really how will you know there is a knife involved unless they are brandishing it out in front of you. If that is the case you should be able to use a common object or your environment to impede them.

So the lesson from today is get a hold and don't let go until you feel the time is right. Always keep in mind that there can be more than one attacker so don't focus too much on the threat in front of you.


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