Monday, 9 April 2012


Well everyone who trains should be aware of being able to control their personal space and the passive guard guard or as some in KM circles call it semi passive. I mean you have your hands up protecting your space in a non-threatening manner. Now you can make this a clear barrier or you can make it more subtle. There are reason for doing both and you need to learn when to you use the correct approach.

When you are speaking with people in the work place or in general conversation practice this life saving skill. Control your area, measure range, move your hands towards them in subtle gestures which you can interpret you as pre-emptive striking or trapping or controlling their limbs to prevent an attack.

What how people will mirror your behaviour. Look at how they copy your hand gestures and posture. Learn to use this to your advantage. These are the soft skills that can keep you save. Remember that if you are in a environment such as a club or pub, distances between people will be much shorter. You often can't hear people so they will position themselves closer to you in the verbal stage. Sometimes you are going to have to let them do this. You never know whether they are going to say "Hi don't I work beside you?" or "why do you keep staring at me?". Remember, we want to avoid conflict at all costs however in the real world you can't always just run away, you can't ignore people and you can create distance between you and an attacker in a club all the time. Well you certainly can't in Scotland anyway! Bars, clubs are jammed packed so you tell me how easy it is to escape if someone was aggressive towards you. Running is the best option but not always possible. So the lesson there is always consider your environment.


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