Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Tactical Edge

First Class of the year kicked of with a gentile warm up and some combinations on the pads. Tonights focus was about seeing what people remembered after all the fuss of xmas and new year had worn off. We started with our straight blast limb destruction drill then gradually worked in different strikes from the syllabus, lastly we added a takedown of choice to help control the opponent to our common finishing position. There was a few cob web's to be dusted off but everyone was flowing by the end.


The first big session started with us using the card system for a warm up, this is when we take a deck of playing cards and give a body weight exercise to each suit in the deck and the card number represents the number of reps to perform. I think everyone would agree its a great, fast and fun way to get moving and although this was a warm up don't be fooled into thinking it was a nice easy workout, it was non-stop and everyone deserves a tip of the hat for pushing through and not stopping once. From there we moved onto a few basic kettlebell routines in isolation then built them into a great solid workout for everyone to blast through. Fantastic class and i was really impressed with everyones work ethic.

Mixed Kickboxing

After a nice fast warm up the class went through some basics on the pads, we concentrated on proper footwork, body mechanics and some basic combinations. Remember guys the basics are your foundation and the footwork will only come with the three "R"s repetition repetition repetition. Once we got these out the way we got smashing through some combinations, great work from everyone.

Krav Maga

This Week is back to basics, we used the 'card' warm up like in the kettlebell class to get everyone moving then it was into some pad work taking various strikes from the syllabus. We then looked at basic target acquisition and moving around our opponents and continued onto some slow fighting. Remember the slow fighting drill really helps you flow into techniques in a realistic manner, if we speed the drill up it becomes false and peoples mind set switches and becomes more sport orientated and you end up trading strikes which gives your opponent just as much chance of hitting you as you do of hitting them. we finished off with some situational's and added a couple of takedowns from the TE syllabus for added control of our opponent.

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