Tuesday, 15 November 2011


After a good solid kettlebell warm up, which was not easy by any means so a huge well done guys, we rocked straight into a quick flurry of ComSets. For those that don’t really come to Tactical Edge the ComSets are a basic map of strikes and tactics we use to deal with a particular style of attack or situation, last night we used that big right handed haymaker as our stimulus. We gradually worked in the empty hand rotary pick action and really focused on that the rest of the class. Remember guys the ‘rotary’ pick series is all reverse grip knife which really suits T.E. because of the improvised weapon applications we can incorporate into it. We looked at the ‘pick’ and the ‘claw’ drills then split these up to use them as we saw fit in the situational’ s working from a counter attack a pre-emptive attack and as a defensive action. The drills in Tactical Edge are all really open to interpretation, as drills in any art are mainly used to gain line familiarization. With this in mind the guys were all reacting well and using great sharp strikes and finishing the encounter effectively. See you guys Wednesday, if you wanna give it a try stop reading about it and get along!


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