Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Hi guys just a reminder that we have Kelly Worden coming from the US to hold a seminar at the gym on 1 and 2 Oct. This is a fantastic opportunity to train with a legend. You cannot afford to miss this opportunity to enhance your skills. It is open to everyone regardless of your level or how long you have been training. Members of the gym will be getting the opportunity for the spaces and then I will open it to other clubs. Deposits were meant to be in last week so can you please either pay the deposit or the full amount asap. You can pay online via the shop or to me in cash personally. If you want to attend but need more time to get the cash together then speak to me in class or drop me an e-mail at Do it fast though as I am off to train with Kelly in the US next week and I need to give him an idea on numbers.


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