Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Penrith Agricultural Show 2011

So the day started with the boys picking me up at the forth road bridge and from there the long drive ahead strated for me. Being with a good bunch of lads made the difference and before long (minus a couple of stops for refreshments) we had arrived at Penrith.

Once we parked up we made our way to the wrestling area, got signed in, got changed and were ready to go. Todays weights were 11½st, 13st and the All Weights World Championship!!

First up, the 11½st category. As i weighed in at only 9st 10lbs, i was instantly at a disadvantage but thought i'd go for it anyway. Into the ring for the first bout and we were off. My first fall came quite quickly, or so i thought at it was awarded to the English wrestler. Not one to be discouraged i was straight back up and back into it. After a little backwards and forwards the next fall came in much the same way as the first only this time i got the point. 1-1 now with one fall to go (Its best of 3 in England rather than the 5 of Scottish Backhold Wrestling). Again back up and in to it. Same again only this time as i initiated the throw my opponent countered, i lost my balance and over i went with my place in the next round disappearing. Next up was George form the Dundee club who unfortunately didn't do much better than myself.

The Dundee boys (Fazer and John Hirsch) managed to fair far better than I, scoring a few good falls against some very good competition but in the end falling just short of taking themselves into the open weight finals.

Even though the results didn't go our way I had a great day out with a good bunch of lads and watched some awesome wrestling (videos to follow).

Next show is The Bridge of Allan Highland Games on August 7th. Looking forward to it already!

Scott Mellia

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