Thursday, 4 February 2010


Remember we have the women's only class running from 6.15-7.15 and then Krav Maga from 7.30-9pm. T-shirts are now back in stock and students are now also required to pay your £25 annual memberships. No membership no training, it's that simple. In the coming weeks I will be collecting all the details I need in order to make sure we have our student to student insurance covered. The other thing to remember is to have your groin guard and gum shield on at all times. This is part of Health & Safety and also mandatory for your insurance to be valid.

I want to speak to all members individually in the coming weeks to find out what they want from training, and if we can meet these needs any better. So please get your thinking caps on. We will shortly be issuing Combat Ready passports which will record all your gradings and seminars attended. I understand that Mark will be sorting out passports for Tactical Edge in the coming months.

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