Friday, 5 February 2010

Thursday at Krav Maga Edinburgh

Tonight we kicked off the class with the women's self defence and conditioning class. In this we focused on a lot of pad drills and combinations. Making the transition from the high line to the low line and the importance of "breaking the plane". We discussed the grading syllabus and the material we need to cover for the next level. We will do a sweep up of all the students that missed the last grading so that everyone is at the same level.

For the conditioning portion we hit the Kettlebells and used some bodyweight drills to ensure a good overall workout.

In the Krav Maga class we hit the kettlebells hard and worked on the swing, press, upright rows and lots of push-ups using the kettlebells. I have already spoken with one of the guys from the class who has told me he is in agony! Lets hope tomorrows pain doesn't put him off the circuits.
In class we had a lot of new guys so we covered a lot of level 1 and 2. Loads of chokes, bear hugs and striking. The reason we covered so much material in class was due to all the guys working really hard and picking up the techniques very quickly.
Well done!

Thanks to Micheal for working with the the higher level guys!

Tonight Scott has a groundwork class on that is £4. If you want to add a little extra training in then I don't think you will find a better use of £4.

Circuit class is on Saturday morning at 10am and lasts for 45mins. This is a great way to blow any left over hangover away! Again, small charge of £4 for this class.


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