Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Krav Maga Edinburgh

A great nights training last night and well done to all the new guys that came along.
In the class we had a hard work out with the kettlebells and some bodyweight drills that tested everyone.
For the self defence we looked at straight punches and how to destroy the fingers with an elbow. From here we jumped right back to the 360 defence and taking it to finishing mode. Remember, its not finished here and you must scan the area for any other dangers!
This took us nicely into our multiple opponents drill. Defender with closed eyes and the first attacker could choke, headlock or bear hug. The defender had to get out of this and the second attacker charged in and could only attack with a straight or hook punch.

Class was jumping and everyone looked really sharp!

Mark Davies seminar is on this weekend so get along to tonight's Tactical Edge class to fine tune those skills for Saturday.

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