Friday, 5 February 2010


Tonight Scott kicks off his introduction to grappling class. This is run outwith the Combat Ready Martial Arts Centre curriculum therefore there is a charge of £4 for this class. Scott is a wonderful coach and has an excellent understanding of the ground game. Please show respect to Scott and listen and learn and train safely. Remember, the majority of techniques that Scott will show you can be done with acceleration to break or destroy a limb in a self defence situation if you ended up on the ground. Just keep in mind this is a submission sport class not a self defence class. There will of course be some cross over which you will find if you have a sharp eye. Remember last week when we grappled on the concrete in the Krav Maga class. You learn the golden rules, get to your feet as fast as you can and run. Good luck tonight Scott and I hope all the guys attending have a blast. Remember if you ain't tapping you ain't learning.


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