Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Tactical Edge at Krav Maga Edinburgh

Tactical Edge Instructional DVDs Now Available

There are a variety of DVDs available now covering various aspects of the Tactical Edge syllabus. Some come from seminars held over the last 2 years and others are purpose shot. Support the growth of Tactical Edge and get your copies now. Speak to me in class or drop me an e-mail to get your copies. These are available to anyone, anywhere so get in touch now.

Violent Britain- The UK's 5 most common attacks

This DVD introduces some of Tactical Edge's combative techniques, & shows you how to use them to counter what are statistically the most common street attacks in the UK. This DVD shows Mark performing the ComTech 'U Strip' against a live blade!- £6

Edinburgh Seminars 2007 double DVD set

This DVD carries assorted material from several of our seminars for Krav Maga & Tactical Edge Edinburgh. There is unarmed combatives, Stick, Knife & Bandanna material on the disks. £10

Edinburgh Knife Defence Seminar

This seminar focused on knife defence technique. On this DVD we show you effective methods of countering common street knife attacks, using returning blades & stripping techniques. This is a great DVD for martial artists of any style looking for counter knife methods to add into their training. In today’s edged weapon culture you must get your hands on this dvd. £6

Improvised Weapons Seminar

This seminar covers using everyday items as equalisers in self defence situations. Everything on the dvd is conceptual so we can clearly see the empty hand applications. You cannot be without this dvd in your collection. £6

Tacticale Edge as featured in January and February edition of Combat Magazine. Sample video clips can be found at Tactical Edge on Youtube.

Any questions please contact enquiries@kravmagaedinburgh.com

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