Friday, 16 January 2009

Krav Maga Edinburgh

Last night both Kettlebell warm ups were taken by Rannoch Donald ofKettle Bells Scotland. Rannoch used a mixture of body weight and kettlebell drills to greatly enhance our overall effectiveness in combat. Both classes looked at striking and some other close quarter tools including ripping and tearing from our Tactical Edge syllabus – check out Tactical Edge. We covered some edged weapon defences and looked at incorporating our foot traps. All incredibly simple movements which flow and do not rely on steamrolling through an opponent. Its all fair and well relying on strength and power when you are young but that disappears with age. Lets get into the habit of training in something that will serve us well throughout our lives. For those of you who haven’t seen this months Combat magazine featuring Mark Davies you should get a copy. A great article and there is a large group photo of when Mark was town teaching in December. Its complete with Craig Nicol doing his very best Ricky Gervais impression lying down in the front row.

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