Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Krav Maga Edinburgh


The new stock of Kettlebells were unveiled last night. We now have 16 and I hope to get this up to 20 in the near future. The first class kicked off with pad work and then looked at straight attacks. We then went onto knife threats and our returning blades curriculum from Tactical Edge.

The second class had Rannoch Donald from Kettle Bells Scotland taking the warm up. We then looked at the full range of returning blades and also dealing with an active edged weapon attack. In the Fight Class we concentrated on kicking and then some combinations to take us nicely from long to medium range. Once we had crashed in we had the option of taking it to the ground. Some of the guys were making good use of one of the Judo players who is training with us by sharpening up their ground game with him. It’s all about fun and positive development at the club. All are welcome and we hope we can all share experiences without the need for egos.

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