Monday, 13 October 2008

Monday at Krav Maga Edinburgh

The lights are off but some one is home! Even with a partial power failure the classes still go ahead. The women's conditioning class is in full swing with the arrival of the kettlebells. We introduced the
  • Swing
  • press
  • bent over rows
  • squats

Great job by all as this was a little tougher than the previous classes. We would have preferred to do more self defence but due to the lack of light it proved a little difficult.

The guys class kicked off with a run into the streets of Leith. We only managed to receive a few obscene comments so a poor show from the Leith locals.

The krav maga class then focused on low light attacks with simultaneous striking! We introduced knees, elbows, bowling ball and head tilt take downs. All perfectly executed. Well honestly, I couldn't tell you as it was pretty dark in the gym tonight. Fight class continued with some wrestling and light sparring.

Welcome to the club for all the new students who made the effort and got off their butts and came along to class. That's the first step, the next is to maintain your enthusiasm and keep coming regularly to the classes.


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