Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Wednesday@Krav Maga Edinburgh

Tonight saw the introduction of the Kettlebells into the main krav maga class. Its early days and as time goes you will appreciate the benefit they offer to your training.

The class then moved into some combinations palm heel strikes, elbows and knees. This was easy so Marcus upped it a little by adding in an attacker who throws the haymaker. Defend the attack and move into combinations this time adding in the hammer with a knee.

We did a little straight punch with defence and how to utilise the elbows and other tools at this close range.

A good solid class with loads to take home. Lets be smart about your training and practice in between classes to fully make the most of your time in class. Use the time in class to pick the brains of the instructor. This will advance your training by miles!


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