Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Krav Maga Edinburgh Scotland


The grading is open to all members of the club who train. For the guys that only train on a Monday you will need to come along to the Wednesday class. The class will cover the material for the grading from 6.30-7pm. The grading will then start and run until 8pm. The purpose of the grading is to let you know where you are in the system, it also gives the instructor the opportunity to understand what an individual is capable of and what requires to be developed before moving onto more complex drills. All students on the Wednesday will be training together regardless of whether they are grading or not. The cost of the grading is £10. For individuals who previously graded under the IKMF this grading will be free of charge. Certificates of achievement will be awarded at the end of the class.


Last night we worked a lot on Thai kicking drills and then introduced this into our combative sets. We then looked at some fast paced multiple attacker drills which hammered home the need for scanning the area and speed of application. Towards the end of class something was clearly lost in translation with some groups of five just rucking with everyone. Clearly the adrenal stress had become too much and the purpose of the drill and the way it was to run was thrown out the window. Through all the chaos all the guys managed to come out intact and react to the situation they found themselves in so big praise all round.


For some there were tears for others there were sighs of relief. Last night was Karol Jablonski’s last night training with KME. Karol is sadly moving on to pursue life as a boxer. Karol has been with us since the start of the club and was quickly nicknamed the “Russian Fighting Machine” despite being Polish. Karol reminded me of some 80’s baddy and earned that nickname pretty quickly after showing no mercy with most people he trained with at the club. You could regularly see people being body slammed and thrown into walls by Karol who has to levels of aggression - high and super! All the best Karol, you will be missed. Please keep in touch.


New sets of Thai pads will arrive next week at the club so get ready to have to break them in guys.

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