Monday, 28 April 2008

Tactical Edge Seminar

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be one of 23 students training in the Comtech Bowie System as taught by Mark Davies of Tactical Edge. I have to say that this was probably one of the best seminars I have been to in terms of presentation, content, level of instruction and interest.

The bowie system is essentially simple but brutality effective. Its so easy to see why this weapon was banned in 3 States in the US in years gone by. The seminar started with a tapping drills and then covered the defensive, offensive and back cut flow. The movements are all part of a logic chain. If for example we are attacked and we block then the next part of the defensive flow takes care of the next most likely attack. Mark explained that with the system we are aiming to seek steel to flesh however, given the sheer size of the bowie then its likely that we will get steel to steel. So often we encounter a blocking and cutting motion. What’s different here is the speed that you can move with the bowie – it has to be seen to be believed.

Mark explained that in the Bowie system unlike the Asian blade Arts we are primarily concerned with the thrust as opposed to the cut. The back cut creates a devastating wound and is a finisher. Mark explained that in days gone by the weapon could be sued to stop a fight very quickly without the need to take a life. Given the size of the Bowie our training concentrated on fighting at largo mano (long range) and moving into close range if necessary. Mark explained that the closer we get with the Bowie to an opponent the easier it is to be disarmed especially if we are right in the fur ball as he puts it. Mark talked a lot about “fighting in remiss” which is why would we fight at close range when we have a tool designed for long range. As a treat we got to do some sparring with the safety trainers. This brings home the speed of a true knife attack and was an excellent drill to demonstrate that with an edged weapon there is no need for strength or mass to make it work effectively. At the end of the day Mark looked at what we had learned and showed us the empty hand applications. The system is quick to learn but there is a lot in it and plenty to work with at home or in classes. The system could be used with a rolled up magazine or anything large that you have to hand.

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  1. very good seminar! im going to move to a country you can carry a bowie lol..not much else that could make you feel any safer than having one of those on you