Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Krav Maga Edinburgh

Combat Ready Conditioning

Well done to the ten brave souls who turned out for this last night. Especially when 3 of them had been training at the kettlebell workshop the day before.

Mark Davies

Mark is very soon to be jetting off to train in the US with his instructor Master at Arms James Keating. Mark has agreed to come and hold another seminar in Edinburgh on his return. This seminar will cover more of the unarmed combat side of his Tactical Edge system. It’s always great to train with Mark on his return from the U.S. as he is so full of beans it’s unbelievable. New ideas, new methods and even more enthusiasm than he normally has - I know it’s hard to believe! That’s one of the main comments I always get back from students who have come and trained with Mark, they simply cant believe his enthusiasm for teaching . Full details will be posted soon so keep an eye out. Make sure you get along to this one.

Sifu Mark J. Cheng Session

Mark lands in Edinburgh after a ten hour flight. Grabs a coffee and heads straight for the Judo club to give the guys a introduction to COMBAT SHUAI-CHIAO. We looked at defences from the old haymaker, to the shove to escaping the closed guard. We were introduced to some highly effective and devastating throws. Mark carefully explained everything and again placed a huge emphasis on sating safe and doing whatever it takes to get home safely. This is certainly an Art that I would like to explore further. Maybe when Rannoch has Mark back in Edinburgh in future we can get a double bill with the two Marks. Mark Davies and Mark Cheng – now that would make for one interesting seminar. And on that note, I am going to get planning!

Kettlebells Scotland & Kettlebells Los Angeles Workshop

I was lucky enough to attend the Edinburgh workshop at the weekend. I train privately with Rannoch and I thought I had a good understanding of the RKC system. After Mark dissected two core techniques I realised I still had a way to go. I identified some slight weaknesses in my form. I now have these corrected and look forward to training kettlebells hard style. Mark and Rannoch made sure everyone was on track with the lifts and knew how to identify poor form and how to self correct and correct others. All in all a great days learning.


The forum is currently under development. Soon we hope to have the syllabus for all grade published as well as video clips demonstrating and explaining the thinking behind the techniques and concepts. This will only be for members of Krav Maga Edinburgh. The website will also be getting a bit of a face lift with new content and photos added.

New Timetable and New Classes at Krav Maga Edinburgh

From mid April Krav Maga Edinburgh will undergo a restructure and re-brand. New classes will be added and the current timetable revised. A new pricing structure will also be introduced. This is all to ensure that we turn out good quality individuals ready to take on anything life has to throw at them. We will introduce combat sport fighting (MMA), the roll out of Combat Ready Conditioning, Russian Kettlebell training, and new venues around Edinburgh. We have a constantly developing curriculum which give individuals the ability to train in many concepts and systems. Most of this is a result of me training with individuals from other systems. As you know the majority of our thinking comes from Mark Davies and his Tactical Edge system. We plan to bring in other instructors to guarantee that you get the very best in tuition.

Social Event@Krav Maga Edinburgh

Lee and Menzies are busy trying to organise another social event. Keep an eye out for further details.

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