Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Birthday Treat For Krav Maga Edinburgh Students

Krav Maga Edinburgh has just passed it’s first year anniversary and to mark the occasion I have organised something special for us this Wednesday (12 March).

Sifu Mark Cheng from Los Angeles arrives in Edinburgh on Wednesday evening and is being whisked straight to the club by Rannoch. Mark has kindly offered to take Wednesday’s class and will be cover some Combat Shuai-Chiao.

Unlike other martial arts that focus more on striking techniques, Combat Shuai-Chiao revolves around a core of powerful throws. Shuai-Chiao is a centuries-old combat art making a modern revival. Little known outside of China and Taiwan, this ancient form of Chinese wrestling has its biggest foreign following in the USA. With a growing audience worldwide and a recent surge in grappling's popularity due to No Holds Barred fighting tournaments, more and more self-defence enthusiasts are flocking to see this forefather of Judo and Jiu-Jitsu.

Los Angeles-based Combat Shuai-Chiao instructor Mark Cheng cites other points of note: "Striking techniques, while a part of our training, cannot always be practiced full-force on a live training partner. However, the majority of throws in Combat Shuai-Chiao can be practiced in 'training mode' without restraint against a live opponent, even a resistant opponent, without having to worry about causing serious injury. It should be noted that prospective Combat Shuai-Chiao students should be ready to take repeated breakfalls. Oftentimes, people from other martial arts come by to train, and they can't handle being thrown like that over and over for an hour or so. This is not armchair martial arts for weekend warriors!"

So regardless of whether you only train on a Monday you are more than welcome to come along to Wednesday’s class as a thank you for your continued support. Lets make sure this is a packed event.


A big congratulations to Issac on his recent promotion. I new that there was a reason for that haircut.


Jonathan Ferrier get along on Wed and you can throw Carole about until your hearts content!


  1. Really enjoyed the class, alot of good effective takedoons

  2. big thanks to Mark Cheng for last nights class.
    learned some good moves.
    good to see Marcus learning something ;)

  3. Thanks to Mark for coming to the club, especially after just getting off the plane!
    I'll try to keep the balance principles he explained in mind and will definitely be using the demonstrated method to break closed guards.
    Most useful move for me was the takedown from when someone is standing right in front of you screaming in your face, makes me want to take up kettlebells to get sufficiently explosive hips!