Monday, 14 January 2008

News@Krav Maga Edinburgh

The Combat Ready trial class starts on Monday 21 Jan and is open to KM Edinburgh students only for the first class. The class will go live the following week and is open to everyone. I need as close to 20 volunteers as possible for the trial. The class will run from 6.30-7.15. The text has now been revised on the website – check Combat Ready for more info. Please note that this site is still in its infancy. In time it will provide all the information you need on self defence training, kettlebells, combat conditioning and MMA training.”

Looking for Warren
Warren I promised to send you details of any future seminars with Mark Davies in Edinburgh. Unfortunately, I have lost your contact details. Mark is down here on 10 February for a seminar. You and the guys are more than welcome to attend if you can handle the journey!!!”


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