Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Wednesday@Krav Maga Edinburgh

Tonight's class started off with a gentle warm up by me. Did anyone find it hard?
Joking aside, if you want to get "fit for the fight" then the routine we did tonight is perfect. We worked pretty much all the major muscle groups and threw in some cardio to finish you off.
That's what the Sunday session is all about. We will be there at 3pm on the Meadows. Hope to see you there.

We then moved onto some combinations with the pads. MORE CONDITIONING if you didn't get enough in the warm up!
From here we went into kicks. Straight, round house and stomps. Then how to defend them.
As way as a reward for everyone working so hard in class we finished off with the Ring of Death!
What more can I say.
Comments welcome.

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  1. That was a hard work oot today bt you can feel the differnce though , ring o death should be a weekly thing lol