Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Class12th November at Krav Maga Edinburgh

Firstly I would to thank the new guys that came along to train last night. I hope you found a welcoming atmosphere and that you learned something. If you have any further questions then please contact me directly at enquiries@kravmagaedinburgh.com or on 07809157200.

Last night we looked at a punishing ten minute work out which saw people partnered up and competing against each other. With everything at KM Edinburgh you go at your own pace. So you go as hard or as slow as you want. I am not a drill instructor so I don’t need to shout at you to do things. If you want that go to another KM club or join the Military Fitness people. You have made the decision to train so you have to decide how far you want to push yourself. We then focussed on knife threats from various ranges and then experimented. As I said last night as long as you abide by the principles we covered early in the class then you can’t go wrong. We also looked at upping our boxing skills and then working some ground and pound focussing on basics attacks, defences and principles. Follow those principles and you can’t go wrong. Stick to the basics and get them nailed and everything else is just decoration. Like Bruce Lee said you have to keep your tools sharp.


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