Thursday, 15 November 2007

Krav Maga Edinburgh Scotland

Recent P1 Grading

Can all the guys who recently graded to P1 please hand me their passports next week so these can be sent off and stamped. Certificates and patches will shortly follow.

Krav Maga Edinburgh T-shirts

I hope to have the t-shirts back from the printers for the classes next week. These will be priced at £14 each. It would be great to see people sporting them and give us a further sense of togetherness and family.

Last Night’s Class

Last night we looked at prevention from all manner of grabs. Then we looked at simple releases and the principles behind them. I encouraged you all to think about the language you use when you make a release from a grab. Saying “Get your hands of me” or “Don’t touch me” is not going to do anything except make the guy more aggressive. So you would have done little to calm things down and may in fact find your self in a more serious situation as a result. We also looked at a more aggressive response to grabs. Again, you are all adults so you know when to use the appropriate response. We also covered knife threats as I’ve decided that it’s topic of the month. I just read in the Scotsman today that a women in Edinburgh was robbed at knifepoint last night so it just shows you how relevant all our training is. Although there is a fun factor to it you have to remember why we are there.


Krav Maga Edinburgh


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