Thursday, 8 November 2007

ComTech Bowie Seminar

1st March 08. At Tactical Edge HQ, Arbroath, Scotland. Contact Mark, 01241 876391.

For the first time in the UK , Mark Davies is performing an OPEN COURSE on Master at Arms James A Keating's American Bladecraft system. The Bowie system is a simple yet brutally combat effective style of combat. We will be running through the Bowie's defensive & offensive techniques, & working on the Bowie's deadly Back-cut.

All are welcome, & this course can be enjoyed by martial artists of ANY style, re-enactors, & even people with no prior training.

Spaces are VERY limited & must be pre booked. Email or call us now for further assistance or details. Please visit Tactical Edge
If sufficient numbers are travelling from Edinburgh then we can look to organising transport between us.

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