Friday, 10 August 2007

Tactical Edge@ Krav Maga Edinburgh

The following clips are of Mark Davies performing various techniques from his Tactical Edge system. Mark is holding a seminar at the club on 2 September. The seminar is open to everyone from the club and out with. For more information on the seminar please visit Krav Maga and for further information on Tactical Edge please visit Tactical Edge

If you have any further queries then please get in contact.



  1. Some pretty good techniques there, but looking at the third video (1)carrying a knife is an offence, and (2) I think it's safe to say that it goes well beyond "reasonable force" to say the least!

    Why go to such extremes when Krav techniques could deal with this effectively?

  2. Ok, Marcus has asked me to respond to this comment by 'anonymous'.

    1/ there are places in the world you may travel to where you are able to legally carry a defensive weapon, check on the laws pertaining to carrying knives around Europe or the US & you'll find many countries where you can legally carry an edged weapon. As someone who has faced knife attacks many many times I can tell you that armed defence beats unarmed defence every single time! Remember that in some of these countries you may be more likely to face an armed attacker than not!

    2/ Every single blade art teaches that to truely understand how to defend against a weapon you must understand how that weapon can be used. A common misconception is that your 'neds' 'chavs' & muggers are ignorant of how to use a weapon. I can tell you from several years working in the nightclub industry in & around the Glasgow area that many of the blade carrying thugs are very proficient at what they do. They will not just let you block them a'la 360 degree defence & smack them one. They have gone through a darwinian process where they have learned what works & what gets them put in hospital for the weekend. They have learned to do the same as a trained Kali fighter, & to draw you to block, & then to cut your bloody arm to the bone! I witnessed a similar thing in South Africa when I was there riding with the police through one of their Soweto townships! Learn how to use the blade & you learn how to defeat someone who isn't just a complete idiot, it is very dangerous to assume everyone you could face is incompetant!

    3/ An attack with a knife is "an immediate threat to life & limb" in the eyes of the law in both Scotland & England. As such if there is no reasonable avenue by which you can reasonably escape WITHOUT PLACING YOURSELF IN FURTHER DANGER you may use up to & including lethal force. In almost every country in the world the law is similar (except several US states have removed the need to attempt to withdraw before engaging the attacker). If you watch the unarmed Vs the knife clip you should see that the whole thing is a 'logic chain'. Also remember its a theoretical demonstration. At any point during the engagement if the attacker had 'gone south' the counter attck could be broken off. Similarly, on the 3rd clip it is likely that the attacker would have lost the weapon after the limb destruction & punyo to the head, however if he didn't & continued to attack you have to be able to escalate. Think of home defence, you surprise a burglar who is armed in your home. Are you going to face him unarmed, or are you going to snatch up something to act as a force multiplier if you can? In what I teach a knife is an impact tool is an improvised weapon! I wonder if you could ask the guy in Bedford who surprised two burglars in his garage & was found in the morning with his throat cut from ear to ear if he wished he could have snatched up a tool from his garage & employed it to save his life! Do some research on 'reasonable force' & the various court case findings surrounding it. You will find that THERE ARE circumstances where even in the UK you may employ a weapon against very serious threats.

    I'm not trying to be insulting or disrespectful, but before you judge a method shown on a single video clip find out exactly what is behind it. There are many different ways to skin a cat (or a chav as the case may be). Be open minded & don't blinker yourself to one method as being the holy grail, trust me after 27 years training & blackbelts in 7 different systems I can tell you no one system does everything 'the best'. If you want to truely be proficient at edged weapons defence learn an TRUE edged weapons art, & realise that there ARE places & times where that knowledge will be an advantage. FInally to quote my instructor, Master at Arms James Keating "don't judge the world by your own sh***y standards", everything you do can be developed & improved!

  3. Lookin forward to the class, just watched the videos, its a different side to self defence but by the looks of it that attacker is taken out and he ain t getting up in a hurry

  4. Mark, I wrote the origninal comment, and thanks very much for your answer on this. I agree with the first two points that you make - I've been fortunate enough not to have faced a knife threat and am happy to take your word for it.

    For your third point, I am looking at it from a UK/Scottish perspective, and my undestanding of, and what I have heard from friends serving in the police, if the attacker was found with the injuries shown in your FULL demonstration, I think it would be difficult to prove it was reasonable force (although still better than being the victim). The attacker would be stupid to carry on after the limb destruction and strike to the head. I personally wouldn't have thought that there would be a need to cause further SEVERE injuries after carrying out a limb destruction defence to get yourself out of the situation safely.

    I'm certainly not criticising your system,and totally agree that one system isn't the 'best'.

    From what I've seen on the blog, Tactical Edge is frighteningly effective! But my fear would be that, rightly or wrongly, the legal system would come down on the side of the chav if you were forced to use the full extent you demonstrated in that video.


  5. Mr Anonymous,

    I think you are missing the point. My understanding of what Mark teaches is
    you train for all situations. He shows you how to survive in the worst
    case scenario. If you compare it to marathon runners. You don't train for a marathon by only running 100m sprints. Equally, you don't train to defend an edge weapon attack by only training a 360 block and exit. If you executed that in a confrontation and you were still in danger I personally would like to know how to defend myself further and neutralise the threat.