Friday, 10 August 2007

Sparring Gloves!

As I mentioned in class the other day you should be thinking about getting boxing gloves for training. This will allow more contact and protection for wrist when working on pad drills. Generally 12 or 14 oz gloves will suffice for our training. The heavier the glove the more protection is offered. There is a sports store at the top of Leith next to the Thai restaurant that sells a good selection of Lonsdale gloves. You have the opportunity to try them on as you can get small, medium or large. There are various price and colour options. The gloves will last a long time so its good to invest in them. Try to stay away from online purchase unless you know a good make and ones you want. You can end up with poor quality gloves that are ill fitting and expire quickly – buy cheap, buy often.

Krav Maga


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