Saturday, 30 January 2016


That’s me been teaching Krav Maga for 10 years now. 
I stared off teaching at satellite venues over the country weekly and doing seminars all over the place trying to make Krav Maga more popular, as back then hardly anyone knew what it was. Then I put an advert in the Edinburgh Evening News offering a free trial class at Edinburgh Judo Club. I had around 18 people show up to that class. Some were friends boosting the numbers and giving me support. Off the back of that class I signed people up and started weekly classes. I then ventured out and did a class in Glasgow as well. Once I built up that core group I made a huge jump and opened Combat Ready Gym. Worst time to be opening business as everything around me was closing down with the recession. I had faith, had worked hard so I never doubted I wouldn’t succeed. 
I just want to thank everyone who has ever come through the door and trained. I learn something from every one of you. And a special thank you to the guys that have stuck with me since the early days and the ones who are now coaching in their respective fields. I Couldn’t do it without you. 
Thanks again

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