Friday, 4 September 2015


Douglas and Ian took the guys through the kickboxing class last night. Both of them have upcoming MMA fights soon was good for the class to get another coaches perspective on training and some fresh combinations.

For Krav Maga we went through some of the takedown curriculum from static positions and then from various entries.  The emphasis was on proper mechanics, scanning the area and looking for easy ways to get various locks and positions of control.  After than Douglas and Paddy had the guys cover some pad work and then finished off trying to see if we could get a take down with some forward pressure. I stressed that unless its your job and you can't hit someone then a takedown shouldn't be forced. You can use striking to soften and then apply.  In some circumstances you might not be able to hit them so you may have to man handle them a little bit more than you normally would.  Don't go looking for a takedown its just gonna appear from you giving forward pressure, footwork or your opponent crumbling.  The goal is safety so keep that in mind.  Its not about looking like Jason Bourne as much as we all want to.


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