Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Last night we trained out in the fresh air on the concrete.  We started off working on the pads to get a sweat up and build some solid strikes and combinations.  After that we looked at defending against straight attacks skimming of the opponents arm into their vision area then adding in the whatever finishing mode the guys wanted.  We covered face cranks once we had achieved a chest to back position coming off of jab and cross combinations.  We were lucky enough that Scott rocked up at this point as this stuff is his speciality.  He demonstrated some different versions and had the guys squealing as noses and eye sockets were reaching breaking point.  We rounded off the class with some slap boxing as a bit of fun and to develop some footwork.  Next week as the class timetable shifts we can get back focussing purely on Krav Maga and for October we will covering all the fundamentals.  Developing a sound understanding of the basics will give a good overall template.  Then you can develop a style that suits you as an individual which can be adapted as the threat increases and the surroundings change.


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