Saturday, 15 March 2014


Martial arts have all manner of footwork.  However, in combatives training we want to think about footwork as dealing with slidy, uneven surfaces with potholes.  Practice training as much as you can in the footwear that you normally wear. If you're into manual labour then get training outside in your boots kicking scaffolding poles.  If you’re an office boy start sliding about that office foot trapping everyone you stand talking to at the water cooler.  I wear trainers pretty much all the time so its an easy one for me and I'm in the gym all day so I've always got something to kick or punch.  At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how good your footwork is you're always going to end up on your ass at some point.  I've slipped lots in class teaching people, and a few times recently when outside training with the army. You just need to get up as fast as you can and get on with it. As the weather gets better we will endeavour to train outside as much as possible in regular shoes and clothing.  So be prepared. You never want to be the guy training in shorts and work shoes! 

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