Saturday, 22 February 2014


Always remember to factor in the fact that the firearm may discharge and you're going to have some serious ringing in your ears. Consider you might be with a loved one, or part of a security detail so make sure you gain control and don’t have it pointing towards yourself or anyone with you.  Make sure you work on pre emption as well, so have the person indicate they are going to shoot you verbally and as they make a move to produce the weapon control and go from there.  Again, consider the multiple opponent ideas and you can set up various scenarios with close quarter pistol work, stoppages, using a fake gun as well so you have to use it as a bludgeon.  Use their weapon as a bludgeon to escape before using your own weapon.  Clearly this is aimed at security and military personnel as well as those who live abroad and can legally carry a firearm.  Just make sure once you remove the weapon you don’t brandish it back out in front of you.  It's an altercation and it's up close and personal - the targets aren’t 20 feet away.  If training in the UK from a civilian point of view, and you want to have some fun with this, then have the weapons on the floor as if someone has been taken down and you are retrieving their weapon.  Like all training, it should include everything life could possibly throw at you. The more inventive you are the less likely you are to be surprised.

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