Saturday, 7 December 2013

No more excuses

Just remember for every one excuse you find not to come to training I will find two reasons for you to come.  The human spirit is a funny one. It ultimately knows what is good for you, but you can suppress it and choose another path. For example, you know that too much chocolate isn't good for you but you still eat it. You know that training is good for you, but you have had a hard day at work and are tired and simply can't be bothered. You start making the excuses ahead of time.  We have all been there, we have all done it. For some some it becomes a habit and then next thing it spills into every area of your life. You stop bettering yourself in other ways. Maybe you are trying to get promoted, and because you suffer a set back you choose to be happy with the position you are in. You can do whatever you want in life but you have to take control.  Just think that if you don't go to training then others often use your lack of attendance as an excuse not to attend.  Have some accountability and get yourself there and making a difference.  

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