Saturday, 14 December 2013


Are you spending enough time working out those little bumps and lumps appearing all over your body? Do you feel tighter as a result of your increased training? Well it's maybe time you had yourself a little tune up.  Invest in a good sports massage and make sure you stretch and work on your mobility.  Use the foam rollers or just get hands on and get that tension released.  There are a wealth of good videos on YouTube dealing with mobility.  There is no use coming into training all the time being tight and saying you can't operate in a specific range of motion. You need to work on that like everything else. It may seem like a small thing, but over time it will begin to have a serious impact on your movement patterns. 

Every day is a school day, and when you gain control of one thing there will be another thing to work on and refine.  It's never ending, but that is what keeps life interesting. Never be afraid to take the next step along the learning curve and push yourself that little bit further. 

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