Friday, 11 October 2013

Round up of our first Old School Krav Session - Sept 25 2013

Saturday Sept 25 we had our training session for the old school guys and gals.  It was a good day, starting off with Scott taking everyone through some new boxing pad drills. I then saw the relationship to a multiple attacker drill, so Scott sorted them into threes and it worked well with the footwork. Scott added in some of his MMA for the street take downs and throws.  He also put me in some sort of shin lock. I asked him about and I swear I thought he broke my leg - he said he was being gentle but I know it was as hard as he could go!  

Later on we did some single stick work, looking at traversing through ranges and adding in some disarms.  We finished the day with some good old fashioned bowie sparring, which we haven't done in ages.  Was good seeing all the gang together and some of the guys who have dropped out of training due to family commitments.  It keeps the family together, and they will be back soon training in class. Bart was down as well but has injured his shoulder so he was taking pictures.  We uploaded the link to Facebook and the blog already on Oct 6 if you haven't seen them yet.

Stay tuned for the next session which will probably be in mid November and involve some outdoor cold weather training.  The idea is hands in an ice cold bucket of water and then try and disarm an opponent! 

Thanks again

Marcus and Scott

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