Thursday, 10 October 2013

Krav Round up for week of Sept 30

Last week in Krav Maga we focussed on dealing with opponents when you had injured your non dominant hand. For example you might have broken your hand punching an opponent in the face, or it may have been cut if a weapon was involved. The idea was to do whatever you have to do quickly, and get away as fast as possible. Remember, if you have been cut you haven't got long before you will probably go into shock.  So do whatever you need to do, keeping in mind the force ladder.  However, if a weapon is involved, and you are injured, you can jump right up the ladder.  

As an aside you want to include some basic first aid and triage into your training.  Imagine you have been injured badly - do you know how to treat a wound?  Apply pressure, keep it tight, elevate the limb etc.  A simple search on google and a few minutes study could save you or your loved ones lives. Think about coming on a scene where there are multiple victims. Would you know who to treat first? Maybe the person the screaming the loudest can be left a little while longer than the person who is silent and unconscious?  One of the best things I ever did was go on a first aid course.  It's a true life skill and one everyone should know.  Recently in the gym one of the younger guys had a heart attack during training and two of the guys kept going at it with the chest compressions until the paramedics arrived. They saved his life. Would you have known what to do?  If not plug this gap in your knowledge. 

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