Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The jab or lead punch

No two people will tell you how to jab the same way.  Some will say you flick it out like a probe, others will say it’s a solid landing blow.  In our curriculum you find your own way, and again it depends on the situation.  In simple terms you clench your fist and project it straight out in front of you, aiming to strike with the two large big knuckles on your hand.  Once your hand has connected with the target you bring the hand back to guard on the same straight line that it went out on.  Imagine that you are punching down a tube. Think about the power driving up from the floor and twisting your hip and then your shoulder as the arm straightens out towards the target.  The power in all our strikes comes from the hips and you punch through the target.  Imagine the target is extremely hot so recoil the hand quickly.  Don't telegraph your strike by drawing the arm back simply move it forward from the guard.  If you want more power drop your weight through the front foot as you strike. Practice punching in place to begin with, then add movement.  Drive off the back leg as you strike and remember, only hit when you think you can land a strike. Don't waste energy.  

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