Thursday, 12 September 2013

Kickboxing vs Krav Maga

Krav Maga from Israel is considered one of the premier self defence systems available today.  The system has only one true purpose and that is to keep you safe.  It is a system not an art.  Now that doesn't mean it is any better than a martial art - it simply means it is all martial (war like).  With an art you are concerned with proper placement and positioning of the body has to be within a millimetre. With a system there is more room for manoeuvre.  

Typically Krav Maga is taught in two ways.  The self defence system and the fighting system.  The self defence system is more about you being on the back foot having been grabbed or punched or held hostage. The fighting system is more about being able to engage an attacker before that happens and taking pre-emptive action.  It is also about being able to fight.  At Krav Maga Edinburgh I like to emphasise the fighting system, not because we want to fight or are thugs (most of the classes are made up of professional people), I just simply think it is better to teach people proven fighting strategies rather than showing them how to get out of wrist grabs.  I don't want my guys getting used to being on the receiving end all the time. I want to help shape people who are strong minded, focussed and who make good decisions quickly.

The fighting system is essentially the strikes of boxing with knees and elbows from thai boxing.  The close quarter elements have strikes from all martial arts.  We are very lucky as well to have such a great grappling and submission coach (Scott Mellia) who has been able to create a great ground fighting curriculum - basically, MMA for the street, although most of the techniques he uses are banned even from MMA.  We also incorporate Bruce Lee's strategies of attack from Kelly Worden's 'Renegade Jeet Kune Do'.  This allows us the ability to get in there and finish a confrontation quickly.  We look to see how all the fighting systems on offer can help make your Krav Maga better.  At the end of the day Krav Maga was born in Israel but is from all over the world and it must be reflected in an updated curriculum as better ways are found to deal with particular problems. 

If you are training Krav Maga and are looking for extra training then you should strongly consider coming along to some of the kickboxing classes, as the repetition of the pad work will super charge your striking skills. Your rhythm, pace and timing will all get better and make you more effective. This has been proven countless times when some of the guys who have trained in KM for years start attending some extra kickboxing classes. Next thing their overall game has increased.  

Kickboxing classes run Monday through Thursday from 6.45-7.30pm and a Saturday from 10.15-11am and are only £5 per session.  What are you waiting for. 

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