Sunday, 11 August 2013

Small changes - follow up

Well it's over one month since I had a coffee.  To tell you the truth I haven't really missed it that much and my body hasn't.  The lack of Caramel Machiato certainly has helped reduce my body fat anyway. The main reason I did this was I wanted to see if I slept better and whether or not I would be up and down without it.  The results are in, and the sleeping hasn't gotten any better or any worse.  I found that by making sure I was eating correctly through the day I didn't feel the need to grab a coffee to perk me up.  The days that I wasn't on the ball with my food I did feel a dip, but not enough that I wanted to reach for the coffee cup.  I also said that I was going to try and cut back on chocolate, which I have. From this weekend I am going to stop eating chocolate for a month and see what happens.  Like I said, this is my biggest vice so we will see how it goes.  I might have the odd coffee now and again but really just now I think I will leave it alone.  My plan was to drink more water as a substitute but that didn't happen.  So I guess the next months goals should be two fold - no chocolate and more water.  If you can get past 30 days then it's meant to be easy street as it takes roughly that amount of time to break or create a habit.  Fingers crossed! How have your small changes gone?


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