Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Remember very little in life goes at a regular pace, certainly not training or a violent encounter. Your training has to mirror that and its often greatly over looked by many or, at the other end of the spectrum, the trainee goes too fast.  If we take a defence like the 360, where we are defending against an outside attack with a simultaneous block and counter, think about the rhythm and tempo.  The start up will have us with our hands up in a passive guard protecting our space.  As soon as we see the attackers shoulder engage we react with our arm in a strong blocking position and our attacking hand moving straight forward with either a palm strike, closed fist or finger spear.  This should all be done calmly and smoothly, but with violence of action, or what Bruce Lee refers to as 'emotional content' in the movie Enter the Dragon.  Now our follow up strikes can be crazy mad-fast, throwing everything at an attacker and bouncing around him like Zebedee.  This is acceptable in the early stages of training.  For someone who is training longer we want to slow that motion down and get quality strikes to appropriate targets. This will enhance the trainees skills in timing and tempo and also give them an opportunity to develop mindset and execution of proper techniques. Eventually this will get quicker, but just think that you will go fast, slow, fast.   For example block quickly and aggressively, counter attacks can be slower and then a fast engagement.  This is what you need to do to get good.  Its the same idea as a boxer using a mirror for shadowing boxing.  Get on this and in a matter of sessions you will seen an improvement. 

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