Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The dreaded weigh in

Let us stop this societal obsession with weight and the inherent value judgements that comparisons inevitably cause. You are not your friend, your neighbour or your favourite celeb. Your body is different to theirs as is the way you live your life. The scales are only one of many tools in the arsenal of preventative health. They are a guide, an indicator and not an absolute. They are to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet, a well thought out exercise routine, regular physical check ups and a healthy pinch of plain old common sense. Do not allow them to derail your good habits and training or, indeed, allow them to give you a false sense of security. Being 'light' does not necessarily mean healthy and being 'heavy' does not mean unfit. Look in the mirror. Pay attention to how your clothes are fitting. What are you eating? How often are you working out? What are you doing in your training?  These factors should all take priority over the numbers you see in the bathroom

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