Sunday, 5 May 2013

Why that kettle bell swing is so good for my Krav Maga

So, back in 2006 I meet up with Rannoch Donald who has been away training with Pavel in Russian Kettlebells.  I don't know what the hell they are but he's convinced I am going to love them and, even better, they will make my Krav Maga better. So we head up to Rannoch's house one day and are training in his back garden where he takes me through a few exercises, but in particular the kettlebell swing. At first I didn't really get it as I was trying to muscle that thing with my arms but I practised there all that afternoon. When I walked back upstairs into his house I felt my legs start to go. I was hooked from there.  

Rannoch and I worked out the similarities between striking and KB swinging.  From the relaxed tension, to breathing, timing and hip snap - it was all there.  We started introducing them into the classes from an early date and were really the only place using them at the time to condition the guys.  In fact it wasn't until about 4 years later that there seemed to be a link between one of the main Krav Maga organisations and a kettlebell one.  They were spouting on as if they were something new, but we had already beat them to that one. To be fair, when I was out training in Norway they started using the kettlebells and CrossFit there.  It's actually a small world - one of the guys from Sweden who taught me KM was on the same kettlebells course as Rannoch. Rannoch wanted to find out more about KM and the guy suggested looking up me.  And from there Combat Ready was born.

If you want to get in shape fast and be able to move big weights and actually have a direct crossover into your Krav Maga training then kettlebell training is for you. 

Right now there is a class on a Tuesday at 6-6.45pm with another planned on a Thursday in the coming weeks. Come along to a few and see what I mean.

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