Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Vulnerable targets on the body

The body is covered in points which, if struck in a certain way, will result in damage. I am not talking about elusive pressure points or having to do any sort of special strike. These are real world, practical ideas to file away.  

Keep in mind through all of this the nature of the attack and pressure you are under.  Moderate your response accordingly. The higher the perceived threat the more knowledge you can drawn on.  The lesser the threat the more lenient you need to be towards your attacker. Lets start from the top down.  

Eyes are easily accessible with the tips of the fingers and you can use a strike or a gouging action.    The nose can be sensitive, but it's not a show stopper. You might give them watery eyes or break the bone but most people can and will keep up the attack. The ears are a good and easily accessible target. You can use an open palm strike to cause great pain and disruption.  The jaw bone is also a good place to strike as this is what will commonly result in a knock out.  Think about a closed fist, hammer fist, knife hand or palm heel strike. 

The throat is also very vulnerable and you have to be extremely careful when attacking this area.  A finger strike is probably best for any sort of civilian self defence. Also when being grabbed or in the clinch position you can simply squeeze an opponents throat to create a gap and escape, or to open a window and continue with striking.  

Guys and girls both have a pubic bone which, if struck, is going to either cause someone to drop or bend forward naturally as they try to hollow out and avoid damage. This area is a great target for the knee, foot, shin, hammer or palm strike. Then we have the knee and shin.  A good kick here will work wonders. Think what its like if you bash your shin bone on the coffee table!

Now there are a lot more areas, and we are not covering them all.  It's a quick start, common sense guide.  In order to practice, have someone stand in front of you and choose a target and a striking tool.  Practice a single direct attack.  Go hard and fast and of course use control so you do not strike your opponent.  That is what the pads are for.  Then after your single attacks think about combinations of strikes and linking them together.  Have fun and find out what works for you.  Think about situations you might find yourself in and practice single strikes and exiting, multiple strikes and exiting and multiple strikes until you have deterred your attacker completely as you had no plausible exit.  

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