Thursday, 4 April 2013

Training with and injury

From time to time we all pick up an injury and it's not always that easy to put it back down again. Depending on the severity of it you can often feel as if your whole life is over.  I don't care what happens to you - I can always find some way for you to train down at the gym, no matter what class you normally train in.  I hate to think of someone feeling they can't train and that they need to stop coming along to the gym. Sometimes, it's good to rest and take time off. Listen to your body. If your Dr has suggested this then that is absolutely what you need to be doing.  However, if you have been advised to start light exercise, and work on mobility and strength, then back down at the gym you need to be.  The girl in the picture, Clare, has a nasty wrist injury and is awaiting surgery. On top of that is a recent elbow dislocation.  It's not fun for someone who is very active and trains hard. So down at the gym recently we have been working on a lot of single arm pressing and core work.  In truth, Clare is great to work with but you have to dial her down a notch or two as she wants to do everything. I just want to keep her safe.  One minute I have her working low line kicking combos on the bags. I turn my back and there are heads kicks going in.  It must be the performer in her as she was a dancer.  Anyway, the long and the short of it is, if you are unlucky enough to get injured and you are worried about training or need advice on seeing a good specialist then just get in touch.

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