Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Striking practice

The picture shows a baseball bat breaking and flying into the crowd.  Look at the crowd all displaying that startle flinch response.  

We can see that the body automatically knows how to protect itself from danger.  It might not be the best thing, but believe me, if someone tries to hit you or stab you, you will do everything you can to prevent that.  The important thing here is after you stop the incoming strike or stab you need to be able to either take control or strike back.  This is where the real beauty of Krav Maga lies - in the striking.  You should focus more than anything on the striking curriculum and then add in the specific defences to certain attacks.  We need roughly 3000 reps of something to make it a natural reaction.  Depending on the circumstances, we will also need to figure in stress, adrenalin and perhaps alcohol.  So maybe some more reps will be required to keep you safe. Remember, it's easier to practice 3000+ punches and internalise rather than take a particular, more complicated technique and do this.  Repetition is key. In this day and age everyone wants everything yesterday.  Many are not prepared to put the work in and therefore fall short of their full potential.  In order to help these people, and to maximise their training, we concentrate heavily on the striking so even if you are attacked, and don't recognise a particular attack, you can at least respond with your strong striking.  Remember, the more you practice in anything the better and slicker you get.  Think what the guys in the army are like - drilling things all the time so when it happens they just react.  You can be that person and display those Jason Bourne reactions if you put the time in.  Until those reps are complete, trust in your body to keep you safe and practice those strikes.  If you are in the Krav Maga class, maybe you should supplement with the occasional kickboxing class to get more reps in.  Hitting is hitting after all. 

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