Sunday, 3 March 2013

Olympic Weightlifting

We are hosting Dave Jenkins next Sunday from 10-4pm at Combat Ready. Dave will be providing a days training in the various Olympic lifts. Now are these lifts for you? Well if you want to improve your health, mobility, strength, your sporting prowess and self defence skills then its a huge yes. You don't have to be shifting huge amounts of weight but the movements when trained correctly will give you the explosiveness you require for whatever sport or pastime you train. A lot of times these movements aren't taught as they can be complicated and take time to learn.

I previously trained with Dave and the way that the movements are broken down and explained are truly second to none. I've recently been training in the US under the Crossfit banner and I was lucky enough to be trained by several top Crossfit games competitors, people smashing out great times and ending up in the top ten. I found Dave's teaching to be on par with these guys, again you don't have to travel around the world to find good coaches you can often find them hear right under our noses.

Anyway, I don't host anyone at the gym that I do not endorse and yes I think you should be getting along to this course. Its suitable for male and females and all levels are catered for. The strength and conditioning side of the gym will be developing at a fast pace in the coming months so the best thing would be to jump on this course right now at the outset. If you have any questions about it then you can speak to me or get in contact with Dave directly via his advert.


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