Saturday, 2 March 2013

Last Sunday's Kickboxing Workshop

Last Sunday we ran a beginner's kickboxing workshop for new members. I am pleased to say that everyone did extremely well. We got straight into it with an introduction to a basic bodyweight circuit, mixing up some squats, push ups, squat thrusts and burpees. This helped to get us moving, as it wasn't the warmest afternoon! After everyone got their breath back we got stuck into the real business of the day. First I got everyone to work out their stances. Think if you were going to push a car, how would you stand? That's the strong stance you want when you are kickboxing. One leg forward, knees bent, hands up and ready!

The group worked on isolating their punches, their jabs, crosses and hooks. Then we worked on kicks, and knees. We then started putting these movements into combinations. Everyone performed very well, and by the end we were doing long combinations incorporating all the techniques we'd learned. It was a really productive day, and a great way to get started kickboxing. I think everyone enjoyed themselves and left feeling a little more confident!

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